Bill Hageman(non-registered)
This work is stunning. Wonderful and diverse use of color and light.
Samir Shah(non-registered)
Finally! After a quick earlier visit I got a chance to indulge in the amazing spectacles that you have so brilliantly captured.

Its hard to pick, and there is no need to, but Montana just blew me away.
Barry Lewis(non-registered)
Hi Zeph, stopped by for a look around. Your passion shines through. I should stop here more often to remind myself that there are places in the world that are perfect.
Robert Greer(non-registered)
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
Jonathan Swift
Steve Zeitler(non-registered)
Awesome photos!
John Polk(non-registered)
Wow! Your pictures are amazing. Good work
karrin calhoun(non-registered)
Thanks Zeph for sharing all this beauty. You have a great eye and seem to catch the natural beauty of the West especially.
English Electric Archive - British Rail Class 50 locomotives
Simply stunning photography. Thank-you for sharing it with us all.
Svevo Brooks(non-registered)
A visual feast.
Jack Bates(non-registered)
very nice! you have a very good eye and many of your photos tell a story, hopefully some Hawaii and Alaska pic's soon.
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